Add a personal touch

Reflect gives you the power to add presence and personailty to otherwise dry and simple screen recordings. It can also empower you to demonstrate live, physical functions during a presentation. Check out the examples below to get an idea of what is possible.

Providing Presence

Screen recordings are useful for presenting information quickly and effectively. Unfortuantely they can be viewed as dry and faceless tutorials. Give your recordings the presence they need to make them more engaging. If you are looking for a great screen capture solution check out desKap.

Creating Context

Giving live presentations can be straight-forward if you stick to the slides, but when you need to give a hands-on demo, things can get a bit more complicated. Reflect gives you the ability to size, mirror, show and hide a webcam view with shortcuts to make it as easy as possible. With Reflect you will be able to demo with confidence.

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